Gwyneth Platts


Gwyn has been the music director since 1999. She is a member of the Association of British Choral Directors and has over 40 years experience as a conductor, leading church choirs, children’s groups, ladies choir and her first love, male voice choirs. Before becoming a conductor she was a successful soloist. She has extended the repertoire of the choir to include folk music, sea shanties and jazz. She believes that music should be fun.



Neil Platt


Neil started to learn to play the piano when he was 6 years old and for 27 years was the accompanist for the Stainforth and District Male Voice Choir. In 2009 he became the pianist of The Thorne and District Male Voice Choir. He has also played for the Belton Amateur Operatic Society and has acted as assistant accompanist for the Doncaster Ladies Choir.



Ian Gibson



Our Chairman Ian Gibson Has decided this year will be his final year as chairman of the choir. If any member feel they would like to take on the job there will be a vacancy next year.

Other information

Although I (Eddie Ingamells) have left the choir information on the website will be kept up  to date as far as possible until someone else could take it over. 


 NOTE: This  takeover needs to be done before the yearly renewal date for the site.







An Ode to Shem By Roy Britton

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