Thorne and District Male Voice Choir was formed in 1980, there were six founder members who when they first got together practiced in  the front room of Dr and Mrs Barlow in Thorne.


Eventually their numbers grew and member of the choir, Frank Saunders, was elected to become the first conductor. Sadly frank died quite young but not before he had developed the the choir considerably .


Mike Lynch then took over as conductor for a short time closely followed by Roy Cobb who held the post for 10 years. Roy was followed by our present conductor Gwyn Platts.                                                                                                                                                                                          

About Us:  Thorne and District Male Voice Choir

Over the years the choir has sung and raised money at many charity  events. Sung also at weddings and funerals and  joined with other male voice choirs in larger venues such as York Minster, Liverpool Cathedral, the Free Trade Hall Manchester and Bridgewater Hall Manchester. They have sung in Luneberg Germany.      


In 2001 They sang in their first ever competition and were awarded third place, which they are extremy proud.

The choir currently practices in the Thorne Methodist Church, located in King Street, Thorne. See the Google location map page. Practices start at 7.15 pm every Thursday.


New members are always welcome. A good singing voice being the only requirement.


An Ode to Thorne Male Voice Choir 

By Roy Britton (Baritone)


Thorne Male Voice Choir


We are a group of men, its Thursdays that we meet.

Singing is or passion, it keeps us off the Street.


We have a lady conductor, and Gwyn is her Name.

After an hour with her, you will never be the Same.


Her disapline is absolute, as she puts us to the Test.

But there again we all agree, she is the very Best.


We have a proper keyboard player, Neil Platt is hisName.

Without him all our sessions, would never be the Same.


We are mostly pensioners, there are members who are New.

Last week we got a new young chap, he was only Seventy Two.


But we are still young at heart, and we do enjoy a Sing.

Our music is not limited, we will try most Everything.


There are times when we struggle, but Gwyn will put us Right.

And after several practices, she ensures that we are Tight.


We do enjoy our practices, its an atmosphere of Fun.

And then before you know it, you find the sessions Done.


We do turn out for concerts, its then that we will Shine.

And when the concerts over, we hope that its been Fine.


We do concerts and charities, we sing at Christmas Too.

We have also been invited, to sing at a wedding Do.


Our venues are unlimited, we sing most Anywhere.

There is only one restriction, access for our Wheelchairs.


From a distance we look chunky, more like a rugby Scrum.

But as you do get closer, you'll be glad that you did Come.


We do welcome any newcomers, thats if you can pass the Test.

You only have to stand up straight, oh yes and always wear a Vest.


We all  enjoy our singing, and hope that you do Too.

And if you care to join us, I promise there is not a Queue.


Now I must get serious, for its not comedy we Achieve.

Gwyn does have very high standards, and we do meet them I Believe.


We hope that now you have seen us, you will want to join our Throng.

Then perhaps you will be with us soon, singing all our Songs.


No this is not a  commercial, for you to get the Urge.

But if it works,who knows, we may even get a Surge.


P.S Practice nights

Every Thursday, 7.15pm

Thorne Methodist Chappel,

All are welcome.